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American Syn-Turf Customer Reviews

Our Customer Reviews Page at American Syn-Turf is a testament to the satisfaction of our valued customers. Here, you can discover firsthand experiences and feedback from homeowners, businesses, and landscapers who have chosen our synthetic grass solutions. We take immense pride in the positive reviews that reflect the quality, durability, and beauty of our products. These testimonials serve as a testament to our commitment to excellence and our mission to provide the best artificial grass in the industry. We invite you to explore our Customer Reviews Page to gain insights into the transformations we've brought to outdoor spaces and how American Syn-Turf has become the trusted choice for all your synthetic turf needs.

Customer Reviews

5 stars based on 50 customer reviews


As a turf installer in Sonoma County, I've laid down plenty of pet-friendly surfaces, but AST's Ameripet really stands out. It's specifically designed to be durable and safe for pets, which is a major plus for the families I work with. The turf's drainage system handles the rainy season well, keeping the yards clean and dry. It's soft yet tough, perfect for playful paws and active dogs. Clients appreciate the low maintenance and the comfort it offers their furry friends. It's a top choice for pet owners looking for a practical, attractive yard solution.


I decided to upgrade my backyard with AST's EliteLawn, and it's truly transformed the space into a luxurious outdoor area. The turf is unbelievably soft and looks incredibly lush, which is exactly what I wanted for our family gatherings and weekend relaxations. It's held up beautifully against the Butler County weather, maintaining its vibrant color and integrity. The low maintenance aspect is a huge bonus, giving me more time to enjoy the yard without the upkeep. This turf has definitely elevated our home's outdoor appeal!


Landscaping in the diverse climates of Georgia demands materials that can handle both heat and humidity. AST's Superscape 50 has become my go-to for creating beautiful, durable lawns. This turf holds its color and integrity through scorching summers and wet seasons, impressing my clients with its year-round lush appearance. Its resilience makes it perfect for high-traffic areas, and the low maintenance aspect is a major plus for homeowners. It's definitely making my landscaping projects around Georgia look top-notch!


As a landscaper in Bay County, FL, where the sun shines bright and the rain pours heavy, finding a resilient turf is key. AST's Celebration 75 has been a standout choice for many of my projects. It's incredibly durable, handling intense sunlight and frequent rains without losing its lush, green appearance. Clients love how it enhances the look of their properties while cutting down on maintenance. This turf is a real crowd-pleaser and makes my job easier with its consistent quality and resilience.

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As a golf enthusiast in Saint Joseph County, IN, having a reliable practice area at home is a game changer. AST's Premier Cut turf has transformed my backyard into a golfer's dream. It offers a realistic feel and ball roll, closely mimicking the greens at local courses. This turf stands up to Indiana's weather, from rainy springs to frosty falls, without any fuss. Practicing my short game has never been more convenient or enjoyable. Highly recommend for any golfer looking to shave strokes off their game!


Living in Graham County, AZ, I was looking for a way to enjoy golf year-round without always driving to the course. The Cascade Light turf from AST has turned my backyard into a mini fairway! It's incredibly realistic, providing a consistent surface that's ideal for practicing short game shots. The turf handles our dry, hot weather beautifully, staying vibrant and functional without fading. It’s a fantastic investment for any golfer looking to improve their game right from home.


As an avid golfer in Kent County, DE, I wanted to up my game without always heading to the course. Installing AST's Shotmaker II in my backyard was a stroke of genius! The green rolls true and fast, mimicking the conditions of top courses, which is perfect for honing my putting skills. It's weather-resistant too, holding up against our varied climate, and maintenance is a breeze. This putting green has not only improved my game but also added a fun and functional element to my home.


Living in Brevard County, FL, with two energetic dogs, I needed a turf that could withstand both the humidity and constant play. AST's Superscape XL has been a total lifesaver! It's incredibly durable and easy to clean, which is essential for pet owners. The thick, lush blades are soft on my dogs' paws, and they absolutely love lounging and playing on it. Plus, it looks fantastic-always green and vibrant. This turf has made our yard the perfect pet-friendly zone!


I recently laid down AST's Freshcut Turf in my backyard, and I'm totally impressed! It looks incredibly realistic, with a fresh, just-cut appearance that boosts my yard's curb appeal instantly. It's soft and comfortable underfoot, perfect for family gatherings or a quiet day outdoors. The durability is fantastic, handling all kinds of weather without a hitch. Plus, the low maintenance is a dream come true. This turf really lives up to its name, keeping my outdoor space looking freshly groomed all year round!


I installed AST's Ameriplay Turf in our play area, and it's been a total hit with the kids! This turf is specifically designed to be safe and durable, perfect for all the tumbling and games. It's soft enough to cushion falls yet tough enough to withstand daily wear and tear. The vibrant green color keeps the area looking fresh and inviting. Truly, it has made our outdoor play space safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Highly recommend for any family looking to upgrade their play areas!

AmeriPlay. Embassy Suites courtyard. St. Augustine, FL. Synthetic grass installation


I upgraded my lawn with AST's Cascade Turf, and it's been a fantastic decision! The blades are beautifully crafted to mimic natural grass, creating a soft, dense surface that looks stunning. It's been great for both relaxing in the yard and hosting outdoor events, holding up beautifully under foot traffic. The maintenance is almost nonexistent, which is a huge bonus. This turf has truly transformed my outdoor space into a year-round green haven!


I recently revamped my garden with AST's Superscape Max Turf, and I'm absolutely loving it! This turf is not just thick and soft, but it also looks incredibly natural, adding a lush green touch to my outdoor space. It's stood up to all kinds of weather and still looks as good as the day it was installed. Perfect for anyone wanting a gorgeous, hassle-free lawn that's always ready to impress.


I just switched my yard to AST's Epic Max Turf, and wow, what an upgrade! It's incredibly dense and feels luxurious underfoot, creating a stunning visual impact. This turf handles heavy foot traffic with ease, making it perfect for family gatherings or just everyday outdoor fun. The realistic look and feel have totally transformed my outdoor area into a lush, inviting space. Plus, the low maintenance is a huge plus for my busy lifestyle. Thrilled with the results!


I recently installed AST's Modern Cut for a home putting green, and it's been a total game-changer for my golf practice. The surface is smooth and consistent, mimicking the feel of a professional green perfectly. It's boosted my short game immensely, and I love being able to step outside and practice anytime. Plus, it looks sharp and requires almost no maintenance. Absolutely loving this addition to my backyard!

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I just upgraded my backyard with AST's Epic XL Turf, and the results are phenomenal! This turf is thick and lush, giving my outdoor space that luxurious, well-manicured look. It's incredibly soft to walk on, and the durability is impressive-perfect for both kids and pets. Installation was straightforward, and the maintenance is almost nonexistent. If you're looking for a high-impact, low-effort lawn solution, the Epic XL is definitely it!


I opted for AST's Supreme 60 for my garden, and it’s absolutely exceeded my expectations! The turf is lush, vibrant, and incredibly realistic. It feels soft underfoot, which is great for barefoot weekends outdoors. The durability is impressive too-handles kids’ play and pet antics like a champ. Maintenance is a breeze, which just adds to the appeal. It’s transformed my outdoor space into the envy of the neighborhood!


I recently installed AST's Ameripet turf in my backyard, specifically for my furry friends, and it's been a huge hit! The turf is incredibly durable and stands up to all the running and playing without showing wear. It's also super easy to clean, which is a lifesaver. My pets love the softness, and I love not having muddy paws in the house. Perfect solution for pet owners!


I recently laid down AST's Elite Lawn in my backyard, and it's been a total game-changer. The density and softness of the grass are incredible, making it feel like a high-end natural lawn without any of the upkeep. It's been fantastic for hosting friends and family-everyone loves how it looks and feels. The durability is impressive too, standing up well to both weather and wear. Super satisfied with this choice!


Just upgraded my front yard with AST's Superscape 50, and I'm really impressed! This turf is not only thick and lush, giving off that perfect green lawn look year-round, but it's also incredibly low maintenance. It's held up beautifully against the elements, and I've noticed it's quite durable, even with regular foot traffic. Installing it was straightforward, and it's made a huge difference in curb appeal. Definitely a smart buy!


I just revamped my backyard with AST's Celebration 75, and it's been a total hit at every party since! The turf stays lush and green all year, handling foot traffic like a pro, which is perfect for our family gatherings and weekend BBQs. It’s super soft underfoot, making it a favorite spot for kids to play. Plus, the easy maintenance means I get to spend more time enjoying the yard and less time working on it. Absolutely love it!


I recently upgraded to AST's Premier Cut for my home office, and I'm thrilled with the results! This product delivers a clean, precise cut every time, making all my projects look incredibly professional. It's easy to handle, durable, and works like a charm on various materials. A real game-changer for my DIY and crafting sessions!


I recently installed AST's Cascade Light in my living room, and it’s completely transformed the space! The light is bright and clear, perfect for both cozy evenings and lively gatherings. The installation was straightforward, and the stylish design adds a modern touch to the room. Super happy with the ambiance it creates-definitely a standout feature in my home now!


I installed the AST Shotmaker II in my backyard to work on my putting, and I'm thrilled with it. This putting green feels professional-smooth and consistent, which really helps improve my golf game. It looks fantastic, mimicking the fine quality of greens you’d find at top golf courses.

What's great is how durable it is; it handles weather changes without any trouble and needs very little maintenance to keep it in top shape. Whether you’re a serious golfer or just enjoy playing casually, the AST Shotmaker II is a brilliant addition to any home.


Just rolled out some AST Superscape XL in my backyard, and it’s making a big splash. This turf delivers a luxurious, thick grass look that really enhances the landscape. It feels soft underfoot and stays lush without any fading, even with the kids and pets giving it a workout daily.

What I appreciate most is the minimal upkeep. There's no mowing, no watering, just a beautiful yard to enjoy all year round. Installation was straightforward too. If you’re looking for a turf that combines robust durability with top-notch aesthetics, the AST Superscape XL is a standout choice.


I just had AST Fresh Cut installed in my yard, and it's been a game-changer. The turf really lives up to its name, giving off that freshly cut grass look without any of the work. It's soft to touch and has that vibrant green color that makes the garden look alive.

It’s incredibly durable too-handles foot traffic, kids, and pets like a champ. I'm particularly happy with how little care it needs. No more mowing on weekends; I just enjoy the yard. For anyone looking for a low-maintenance lawn that looks consistently great, AST Fresh Cut is a fantastic pick.


I recently put down AST Ameriplay in our play area, and it's been fantastic for the kids. This turf is specifically designed for high traffic and safety, with a soft surface that's great for all the tumbling and games. It's seriously tough, holding up brilliantly against all the wear and tear from endless playtime.

The best part? It looks awesome and requires almost no maintenance. I don't have to worry about mud or grass stains anymore, which is a huge relief. If you're looking for a kid-friendly, durable turf that keeps your play areas safe and looking good, AST Ameriplay is the way to go.


I just finished installing AST Cascade in my yard, and it’s a total win! This turf really looks and feels like natural grass, but without any of the ongoing maintenance. It stands up to the kids and dogs playing on it daily, and still looks freshly laid.

I love not having to worry about watering or cutting grass anymore. The Cascade stays green and vibrant all year long, rain or shine. Super easy to install and even easier to maintain. If you’re after a hassle-free, durable lawn that looks great, AST Cascade should definitely be on your radar.


Just laid down some AST Superscape Max in my backyard, and I'm loving it! This turf nails the natural grass look without any of the fuss. It's incredibly durable, easily handling all the backyard play and lounging without a hitch. Plus, it feels soft and looks lush all year round.

The low maintenance is a huge plus for me-no mowing, no watering, just consistent beauty. It was easy to install too, which was a nice bonus. If you’re in the market for a high-quality turf that keeps your lawn looking top-notch with minimal effort, AST Superscape Max is a solid choice.


I recently upgraded to AST Epic Max turf, and it's been nothing short of fantastic. The look and feel are so close to real grass, it's amazing, and it holds up like a champ against all the foot traffic from my family and pets. The best part? It's super low maintenance. No more mowing or watering, which frees up my weekends for relaxing instead of yard work.

Installation was a breeze, and I'm really impressed by how well it drains after a rain-no puddles or soggy spots. If you're looking for a durable, realistic-looking turf that's easy to care for, the AST Epic Max is definitely a winner.


Just laid down some AST Modern Cut in the backyard, and I'm loving it! It's got this neat, trim look that really sharpens up the garden. Feels soft underfoot, which is great for barefoot days in the sun. It’s holding up great against the weather and still looks freshly mown, even though it's super low-maintenance. Anyone looking for a stylish, hassle-free lawn upgrade should check this out. Really adds a polished touch to the yard!

AmeriPlay. Embassy Suites courtyard. St. Augustine, FL. artificial turf installation

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