American Syn-Turf Proprietary Artificial Grass Technology

The quality of artificial grass starts with technology. The ultimate performance of turf depends on the quality of raw materials, drainage capacity, and yarn shape. The yarn made of nylon or polypropylene can be manufactured in different ways. American Syn-Turf nylon yarn is produced in thin flat layers extruded through molds to generate fibers with a cylindrical or oval cross-section. The extruded product results in a thread that feel and act more like organic grass. The polypropylene yarn is less abrasive than nylon. The important property of polypropylene is its versatility. Excellent chemical resistance, the lowest density, and highest melting point make it an important fiber in artificial grass manufacturing.

QuickFlow Artificial Grass Drainage Technology
Guaranteed Highest-Performing Drainage

Only American Syn-Turf artificial grass products have a 100% porous, 100% permeable backing. QuckFlow rinse-clean drainage technology makes cleanup a breeze. Ultra-realistic, best draining, most durable artificial grass ever made.

Drainage is paramount

Drainage is paramount, especially if you have pets. American Syn-Turf QuickFlow drainage technology has a 100% permeable backing to ensure ideal drainage. If turf backing does not drain quickly, urine odor builds up in a short period.

Artificial Grass Blade Shapes

The blade shape of an artificial grass does matter. There is more to artificial grass than a quick look! From different colors and its combinations, grass blade lengths and face weights, considering the grass blade shape is paramount! American Syn-Turf products are specifically designed to withstand all types of foot traffic, produce a realistic landscape alternative and imitate the feel of real grass, but which one is your ideal shape and will fulfill your specific needs? There are a certain grass blade shapes that will be the best fit for your installation.

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