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AST Fresh Cut synthetic turf
AST Fresh Cut synthetic turf
AST Fresh Cut
AST Fresh Cut synthetic turf
AST Fresh Cut synthetic turf

AST Fresh Cut

Fresh Cut is an American Syn-Turf artificial grass product that has robust turf density, is incredibly soft to the touch, and is visually stunning. The beautifully sharp and crisp freshly cut look of natural grass is perfectly replicated in this unique synthetic turf product. Fresh Cut offers a plush tactile feel and overall sturdiness that makes it an ideal product for both residential homeowners and commercial property owners who want the best in realistic and refreshing artificial turf. If you’re looking to achieve the landscape aesthetic of a perfectly manicured lawn, then Fresh Cut is exactly what you need. Consider using Fresh Cut for playgrounds, play areas, courtyards, balconies, and roof decks.


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AST Fresh Cut

Fresh Cut exudes a gorgeous display of greenery with its “mini W” shaped field and emerald green face fibers. Combined with a tan and green thatch, Fresh Cut instantly transforms mundane urban landscapes into an opulent scene of lush greenery. It is through these unique shapes and breakthrough use of materials, colors, and manufacturing processes from American Syn-Turf that ensures Fresh Cut will look and feel just as realistic, mesmerizing, and beautiful for many years to come.

Fresh Cut features a pile height that is 1.625” tall. Measured in inches, the pile height of any artificial grass product is the length of the fiber from the backing (or base of the turf) to the tip of the grass blade. How does this affect your artificial grass choice? Well, as a general rule of thumb, the higher the pile height, the less resilient the grass will be to impact. However, artificial grass products with taller pile heights can feel softer than shorter ones. Thankfully, with Fresh Cut, you get the best of both worlds! It’s the absolute pinnacle of fiber strength and soft to touch comfort. Using Fresh Cut allows you to meet the needs of landscape projects that require both cushion and impact durability. These projects include but are not limited to sports areas, courtyards, decks, patios, pools, and roof installations. American Syn-Turf can achieve this feat by focusing on creating fibers that have remarkable shape memory that can maintain its overall curve and design despite any impact.

Fresh Cut fibers are made by using PE Monofilament technology that prevents compaction problems that are commonly found with non-PE Monofilament artificial grass products. This means that when people step on Fresh Cut’s synthetic turf blades, it won’t stay flat or ruin the lawn surface consistency like natural grass. Fresh Cut fibers consist of threads with a series of continuous filaments that are created using independent stitches, preventing it from fraying or changing in shape. With its PP Curled thatching and PE Monofilament fibers, Fresh Cut exhibits unrivaled quality from the inside out.

The measure of the total weight is used as an indicator of how dense and durable the artificial grass product is. The higher the weight, the richer and more compact the artificial grass is. When it comes to the total weight of Fresh Cut, it truly is in a class of its own. With a 116 oz total weight per sq yard, Fresh Cut boasts an excellent industry-leading total weight that provides deep, lush, and thick artificial grass experience.

Fresh Cut is genuinely an industry-leading synthetic turf product. Starting today, you can enjoy these features and advantages without having to stress about the hassle and financial drain of real grass lawn maintenance. Using environmentally friendly synthetic grass and turf materials, American Syn-Turf has been able to expertly craft and design an artificial grass product that is perfect for a wide variety of lawn applications, landscapes, and climate conditions.

When choosing that right turf for your needs, another factor to consider is intention and application. How you intend to use the artificial grass product and where you will use it makes a big difference in your choice of product. Many homeowners often base their choice of synthetic turf only on a limited number of factors. Usually, they rely solely on how it looks and how much it costs. However, there are more important factors to be considered before you decide on which artificial grass to buy. If your artificial grass is being installed in a high traffic area, are the blades resilient enough to bounce back and keep its shape? If you're using it for indoor pet training, does it drain well? If you're placing it outdoors for kids to play on, is it easy to clean and soft to the touch? How well does it absorb impact? Thankfully, Fresh Cut answers these questions by providing a well-balanced synthetic turf profile. It’s height, weight, and color allow it to be the perfect choice for general use in residential, business, and recreational projects. Whether you're using it to transform a plain roof deck into a lively common area, or you’re using it to create a clean and relaxing outdoor courtyard space around your commercial property, Fresh Cut is the way to go.

Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that costly and time-consuming grass maintenance will now take care of itself! You no longer have to worry about mowing, watering, fertilizer, harmful pesticides, or sun damage. Installing Fresh Cut in your home gives you and your family the tranquility and serenity you deserve. Spend less time working on the grass, and more time enjoying it!

American Syn-Turf is an industry-leading manufacturer of high-quality, cutting-edge artificial grass products that are environmentally friendly, fully recyclable, lead-free, and developed for maximum UV protection. American Syn-Turf has rigorously tested and shown that every synthetic turf product we provide far exceeds industry standards. Utilizing proprietary technology, American Syn-Turf continues to advance and excel in the world of artificial grass by combining and providing the very best in synthetic turf features you can't find anywhere else. Fresh Cut represents and champions this high standard of synthetic turf, with its temperature performance, tuft bind, unparalleled aesthetic, drainage rates, and overall fiber durability. It is unmatched and continues to be a crowning achievement for American Syn-Turf.

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The AST Fresh Cut turf has significantly enhanced my home golfing experience, offering a pristine putting green that rivals professional courses. Its realistic texture and consistent ball roll have truly elevated my practice sessions. What's most remarkable is its durability-this turf stands up to frequent use, maintaining a flawless appearance and performance without the high maintenance usually associated with natural greens.

Installation was straightforward, allowing me to quickly enjoy my upgraded putting area. The low maintenance aspect means more time honing my skills and less time on upkeep. For golf enthusiasts looking for a home green that combines professional quality with practicality, the AST Fresh Cut turf is a hole-in-one.

Color: Field Green | Emerald
Thatching: Green | Tan
Pile Height1 5/8"
Turf Gauge0.375"
Face Weight90 oz.yd2
Backing Weight26 oz.yd2
Total Weight116 oz.yd2
Stitch Rate24/10cm cm
BladesW Shape Blade
Made in the U.S.A.

We take great pride in everything we do. Our products are made in the U.S.A, no exceptions. Safe for children and pets, our synthetic turf look is certified lead-free, 100% environmentally-friendly, look ultra-realistic and feels like real grass.
15 Year Warranty

AST offers a peace of mind with our 15-year warranty on all products. While you’ll probably never need to use it, you can rest assured that you’re protected by the industry’s best warranty.
100% Eco-Friendly & Recyclable

Artificial grass is a responsible landscaping option, with many numerous benefits to the environment such as water conservation, chemical-free maintenance, and recycling. AST products are 100% lead-free, environmentally-friends, durable, and fully recyclable.
Save Water

Artificial grass does not require water to stay green, lush, and beautiful all year. It saves money on water bills. Watering lawns estimates for a huge percentage of residential water usage, so depending on how much natural lawn is replaced with artificial, the cost savings can be substantial.

Our products are developed with maximum UV protection, proven and tested to far exceed industry guidelines. UV- and fire-proof, weather resistant, low-maintenance, eco-friendly, made of lightweight yet super-strong material that's soft to the touch.