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The Pinnacle of Backyard Golfing: AST Luxury Golf Products

Chicago Illinois

Immerse yourself in the golfer's paradise with AST Luxury Golf Products, featuring the Shot Maker, AmeriPlay, and SuperScape XL, all showcased in this splendid backyard installation. Engineered for the enthusiast, the Shot Maker green putts at a 10.5, rivaling the greens of professional courses and offering the ideal practice bed to refine your short game. Meticulously designed to hold a shot from 80 yards out, the turf promises a responsive and authentic playing experience, allowing the ball to behave as it would on natural grass. The surrounding SuperScape XL provides a stunning frame of vibrant, low-mintenance beauty that complements the functional elegance of the putting green.

Not just a sports feature, this installation transcends into a luxurious landscape enhancement that invites you to engage with the game you love at any given moment. The contrast of the lush, synthetic green against the natural surroundings creates a harmonious balance that elevates the aesthetics of any backyard. The addition of AmeriPlay ensures a softer, safer periphery, ideal for family members of all ages to join in on the fun. With AST Luxury Golf Products, your backyard transforms into an exclusive golf retreat, where every putt and pitch brings you closer to mastering the game in the comfort of your own home.

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