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Joined: April 4, 2024

Landscaping in the diverse climates of Georgia demands materials that can handle both heat and humidity. AST's Superscape 50 has become my go-to for creating beautiful, durable lawns. This turf holds its color and integrity through scorching summers and wet seasons, impressing my clients with its year-round lush appearance. Its resilience makes it perfect for high-traffic areas, and the low maintenance aspect is a major plus for homeowners. It's definitely making my landscaping projects around Georgia look top-notch!

I recently installed AST's Cascade Light in my living room, and it’s completely transformed the space! The light is bright and clear, perfect for both cozy evenings and lively gatherings. The installation was straightforward, and the stylish design adds a modern touch to the room. Super happy with the ambiance it creates-definitely a standout feature in my home now!