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AST FreshCut Landscape Putting Greens

AST FreshCut synthetic turf with white pebbles around trees in the backyard creates a visually stunning and low-maintenance landscape. The combination of the lush green turf and the contrasting white pebbles adds a unique and elegant touch to the outdoor space. The synthetic turf provides a vibrant and consistently groomed appearance without the need for watering, mowing, or dealing with grass clippings. It stays lush and beautiful year-round, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the trees and the overall backyard. The white pebbles not only create a clean and modern look but also help to maintain a neat and tidy appearance around the trees. With AST FreshCut synthetic turf and white pebbles, homeowners can enjoy a picturesque and hassle-free backyard that stands out with its beauty and simplicity.

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